I do not give permission for my artwork (including any assets I made for this website) to be reuploaded, edited, claimed, or used for anything, including programs, NFTs, and AI.

My Blog!


Hello, hello, and welcome! This is my Neocities blog. Here, I'll talk about my progress on the website in more detail, and generally cross-post or add additional information from my Tumblr. But I won't be sharing personal information on here. Web safety is important!

It's important to note that I'll be adding these from newest to oldest. But these notes will remain on top.

13/02/2024: my first post!

My first blog post on this website! Read the notes at the top if you haven't already for some general info. Anyways, I'm really looking forward to having this blog! As I've mentioned multiple times on here, I do have a mysterious Tumblr account I will still be posting on, but that's sort of separate. I like to post my art on there, but for now I've really just been posting art of other people's characters, and I don't know if they're comfortable with their OCs on my website. So, the art will be pretty small for now (if there is any) until I start posting my own characters.

What should I say about myself? Well, I really like retro/vintage things--like, a lot! I'm also into comics and want to make one really long one myself, but I don't actually read many. I just like drawing and having speech balloons and stuff. It's a great way to combine both writing and art! And there's so many ways you can present it; hand-drawn balloons, different fonts, colours (or lack thereof), moods, et cetera, et cetera.

My blog layout was actually inspired by comics! I don't know how to add images behind the text yet, and I worry that might obscure the text, so for now it's just a plain white--like a speech balloon! And the yellow boxes are like those little asterik note things (sorry, I forgot the word) you add for extra context. In the future, I really want to add lots of panel-like backgrounds and also eventually post my own full episodes of my story!

I have a list of things I want to add to my website on the right, too. I really love the aesthetic of 1980s Strawberry Shortcake. And I love cats, too. I want to make, "shrines," or whatever they're called of them and more. And music, too! I'm fond of pretty much any decade of the 20th century (much more mid-century to late, though), particularly rock and all its subgenres. I don't know much about music itself, but I enjoy some bands/artists and way more small picks from random people.

I'm a learning, self-taught artist. I'm currently working my way through learning digital art. I pretty much only do drawing with physical art, but I really want to get into mixed media--especially things involving collages! But I'll only be sharing my digital art here; I don't want my physical art being recognised, haha. If anyone ever finds this site, I mean.

Actually, speaking of people finding this, it's been less than a day and I've already got over 100 views! I didn't know it happened that quick. I thought people would recognise my template layout and tiled background still from sadgrl and not look at it because it's still so new. It gives me a nice but nervous feeling knowing people can see this stuff. One day in the far future I'll have to add a guestbook so I can see what people think.

I think that's all I want to write for now. I'm going to work on adjusting the site and making some art for the header and background and all that. I'll add an edit section underneath if I think of anything else to say today.

Oh, and note to self: figure out how scroll bars work!

19/02/2024: brainstorming...

my second entry!

I'm really starting to image what my site could turn out to be. one part of me really wants to lean into the barn theme for my home page, another wants a space/stars/moon/clouds/astronomy & nature theme (maybe for this page), and another wants to do a...supermarket theme?! I've got so many ideas, I really need to write them down.

I started working on a shrine of mine that I haven't linked in my directory yet, but I've run into a problem. you see, I haven't really, well, actually looked at it. like, I like the art and aesthetic and all, but I haven't really interacted with the source material outside of that.sSo, I was thinking I could turn it into a journal or sort of liveblog of me watching it! I think that's a decent idea.

anyways, other than that, I have to get used to typing in lowercase for my text. it's because the font I'm using has two different i's, but every other letter only has the uppercase version. something, something, comic book lettering only having capital pronoun i's, something. but yeah, if I use a capital i at the start of a sentence, my lettering will look all wrong.

oh, and to add on to that note to self: I figured out how to make scroll bars work. pretty cool, huh?*

* it wasn't cool at all.

it's annoying having to update all the footers on every page whenever I update something. I think I'm just going to leave the home page one, then do whatever I want. actually, I'm going to change the sidebars, too. I hate having to update them as well. but I still have to edit the home page whenever I update anything else.

alright, I think that's all for now. I'll be messing around with the code now trying to add and fix things. bye-bye!

My blog! Yay!