I do not give permission for my artwork (including any assets I made for this website) to be reuploaded, edited, claimed, or used for anything, including programs, NFTs, and AI.

Welcome to My Website!

Hi! I'm Estee...

...And this is my website! I'm very new to coding (as in, I'm completely brute forcing and internet searching my way through even adding emphasis to my text), but so far it seems fun! I've always wanted my own place on the internet, I suppose, and seeing lots of other people's cool neocities inspired me to make my own! I might not use neocities specifically forever, but for now it's my play place to experiment and have fun. Still need to figure out CSS though.

Please be aware that you will find this to be a barren and probably broken site for now. There'll be links from the sadgrl template around for my own ease of access. Honestly, I have way too many tabs open and want to have at least some of the links I need in one place. But as I progress, I'll be able to remember things and get rid of the links.

I have a Tumblr. If you find it, good for you. I'll list it one day. But until then I won't answer any asks on it about having a Neocities. I knda just wanna work on this separately for now.

As for me, I want to remain kinda anonymous on here. What's the point of having my own cool safe place on the internet if everyone's going to know it's me, anyway? But all you need to know about me is that I go by Estee Barnes, and I use she/her. I'm into art and writing and general OC making, but I probably won't be sharing mine for a while